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MERI Tools and Templates

MERI Tools/Templates- These are links to a variety of MERI tools developed specifically to aid landholders and Namoi CMA staff to measure natural resource changes over time. Ideally in the future, users of these tools will be able to upload data collected via an intranet to ease data exchange.

Landholder Vegetation Condition Assessment Booklets- these carbon copy booklets are available from your local Namoi CMA office and their purpose is to aid landholders to assess vegetation condition on their project areas or properties. Coupled with the Namoi CMA vegetation assessment which is carried out by either a Namoi CMA officer or an ecological consultant, the Namoi Catchment now has a robust process to measure changes to biodiversity over a 5 year period.

For further information on the landholder Vegetation Condition Assessment Kit please contact your local Namoi CMA office.

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