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Data Request form

Namoi CMA Data portal and data licencing

The Namoi CMA are custodians of multiple data sets relating to Natural Resource Managment. Data is available for external use subject to agreeement by the Namoi CMA.  If you wish to submit a request for Namoi CMA spatial data please submit the form detailed below.


If you have an enquiry relating to the use of Namoi data please contact Leith Hawkins on (02) 67429213   


To view a list of data held by Namoi CMA please click here.


Name of Organisation requesting data

Address of Organisation

Full name of authorised officer to sign agreement

Title of Authorised officer


Email Address of Person requesting data

Project title for date use

Project description - Brief outline of what the data will be used for

Data Required - Select data to request licence for:

Namoi Groundwater Dependant Ecosystem Mapping

Average Eta R30 Average Gross Precipitation BOM Average Interception R30
Average LAI R30 Average NDVI R30 Final Product Precipitation Analysis

Namoi Landuse Analysis

Namoi Landuse Analysis

Namoi Depth to Water Table Study

Namoi Depth to water Study

Namoi Geomorphic Assesments

Namoi Risk Namoi Strategies

Namoi Vegetation Mapping

Namoi Vegetation Extant Namoi Pre 1750 Vegetation Namoi Floodplain Grassland's
Namoi Site Data

Namoi Wetland assesment and Prioritisation

Namoi Wetland Inunndation Namoi wetland Mapping Namoi Wetland Observations 2008
Namoi Wetland Priority Namoi Wetland Surveys 2008 Namoi Wetlands Priority V2
Wetlands Validated V2 Upland Wetlands Wetlands 40*40

Namoi Nature Conservation Strategy

Conservation Priority Layer Corridor Priority Layer Corridor Layer Corridor Shape File
Landscape Degradation Layer Restoration Priotiy Layer

Namoi Riaprian Asessments

Namoi Final Plots Namoi RAU's V3 Namoi Riverine RVC's V2

Requested date of data expiry 

Preffered method of data delivery

Address for data delivery if different to above

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