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Funding Opportunities

Current Programs

From time to time Namoi CMA has incentive funding available for on-ground works, activities and training aimed at improving the health of the Catchment's landscapes. Landholders, production and community groups and local councils interested in funding to assist them improve our valuable natural resources have applied and been successful in the past.

Rehabilitation of riparian habitat along the Namoi River

Department of Primary Industries

Namoi CMA has a great working relationship with the Department of Primary Industries, and the DPI is keen to lend a helping hand to the Namoi River and its fishy friends.

Fish habitat funding is now available to help improve river health and increase native fish populations.

The 150 kilometres of the Namoi River from Gunnedah to downstream of Narrabri is eligible for funding from the Australian Goverment's Clean Energy Future Biodiversity Fund.

If you are a landholder adjacent to the Namoi River and associated tributaries, a local council, community group or fishing club, along this stretch of the Namoi, please contact DPI Fisheries Conservation Manager, Milly Hobson on 02 6763 1206, and become involved in the project.

Community Partnerships

Namoi CMA seeks to develop partnerships with Community groups such as Landcare. These partnerships aim at contributing to social well being and increased adaptive capacity by supporting community initiatives that focus on natural resource management. Namoi CMA can support groups to plan, learn new skills and help access funds from other agencies.

If you have identified a project for your group or need assistance in putting a funding application together call James Hutchinson-Smith on 02 67645970.  

The Landcare NSW website is also a valuable source of information in relation to community grants and other funding opportunities.

Completed Programs 2013-2014

Healthy Streams 2013-2014

This year, Namoi CMA  formed partnerships with landholders in specific areas to protect waterways that were identified as in a stable condition, yet which were at risk due to threatening processes. Eligible priority areas were identified using the best available River Style and Geomorphic Condition Assessments.

Some of the threats which Namoi CMA  supported landholders to address included: stock trampling, fouling and overgrazing; weed infestation; loss of native vegetation and habitat and loss of channel complexity (snags, logs, pools).

Enhancing Groundcover 2013-2014

It has been shown that variability of more than 15% across paddocks and farms will most likely mean that it will be economically and environmentally worthwhile to address and manage this variability. This variability may be in your crop yields or groundcover in your pastures or plant growth rates for example.

This variability could be due to one or more factors including: nutrient deficiency, weeds, disease, poor crop or pasture establishment, water logging, soil erosion, salinity, sodicity, acidity or soil type.

Namoi CMA funded analysis of 10 sites across the Catchment in 2013-2014. Landholders can do a preliminary assessment of groundcover using the Namoi CMA Ground Cover App

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