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Community Reference Panel

Three Community Reference Panels have been established by the Namoi Catchment Management Authority (CMA) to get people’s views and input into natural resource management across the Catchment.

The reference panels met for the first time recently in Quirindi, Narrabri and Tamworth.

The panels, which are drawn from the Tablelands, Slopes and Plains of the Namoi Catchment, will play a key role in maintaining the involvement of the catchment community to assist Namoi CMA to implement the Namoi Catchment Action Plan 2010-2020.

Members of the Tablelands panel are Jill Moore – Kashima, John Hunter, Paul Moxon, Rohan Kingham, Ross Sharrock and Sam Jacobson. Panel members for the Slopes are Hugh Price, Katrina McDonald, Laurie Chaffey, Owen Sullivan, Sam Broinowski and  Sarah Horne with Alistair Todd, Jon Stammers, Kate Schwager, Peter Long and  Stephen Warden representing the Plains.



SDC12762-sized [sdc12762 sized.jpg] SDC12781-sized [sdc12781 sized.jpg]
(From the left) Paul Moxon, Jill Moore-Kashima, John Hunter, Jeremy Cape (Namoi CMA) and Rohan Kingham (Tablelands Group) (From the left) Sam Broinowski, Owen Sullivan Katrina McDonald and Sarah Horne (Slopes Group)
SDC12784-sized [sdc12784 sized.jpg]
(From the left) Sarah Horne, Hugh Price, Laurie Chaffey,
Sam Broinowski Katrina McDonald and Owen Sullivan (Slopes group)
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