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About Us

Welcome to the Namoi Catchment Management Authority.
Namoi CMA is your voice in Natural Resource Management - giving you and your community a say in the key issues effecting the Namoi Catchment.

Namoi CMA is governed by a Board comprising a Chair and six Board members. The Board members have an active involvement in community activities and an understanding of the key economic, social and environmental issues facing the catchment. Decades of
community planning and effort precede the formation of Namoi CMA. We will build on this work to take our Namoi Catchment into the future.

Namoi CMA will engage the community in key natural resource management issues through the:

  • Preparation of a Catchment Action Plan and rolling investment strategies;
  • Delivery of incentive programs
    'funded from Catchment Action NSW and Caring for our Country;
  • Certification of Property Vegetation Plans;
  • Provision of education, advisory and extension services on natural resource management.   

Incentive funding is being provided jointly by the New South Wales and Federal Governments from the Catchment Action NSW program and the Caring for Our Country program.

Our Environmental Policy

The Legislation We Operate Under

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