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Local Land Services

Primary Industries Minister Katrina Hodgkinson recently announced the merging of CMAs , LHPAs and DPI extension, advisory and delivery services.  


Under the banner of Local Land Services – Productive Primary Industries, Connected Catchments, the new organisations will deliver locally integrated services including:


  • agricultural advice
  • plant and animal pest control and biosecurity
  • natural resource management (NRM)
  • emergency and disaster assessment and response.

Local Land Services will come into being on 1 January 2014, and will provide opportunities to achieve better integration of expertise and services to regional land managers, farmers and clients to improve the sustainability of agricultural production.  They will also continue to deliver programs and projects based on priority actions within the Catchment Action Plan (CAP) through funding from the NSW and Australian Governments. 


Partnerships with Local Government, Landcare and a broad range of non-Government and community organisations will also continue to play an important role. 


Local Land Services will be regionally-based, semi-autonomous statutory organisations that are governed by locally elected and skills-based Board members. 


NSW Natural Resources Commissioner Dr John Keniry AM has been appointed as Chair of a Reference Panel which will work with stakeholders to obtain their input to the new structure.  This will also feed in to the Regional Service Steering Committee chaired by the DPI Director General that has representatives from DPI, CMAs and LHPAs. 


CAPs will remain the driving force for whole of community, whole of government prioritised action and investment.   


During this time of transition, be assured that Namoi CMA will continue to provide advice and support for the management of natural resources including sustainable agriculture. 


The NSW Government would also welcome feedback on the establishment of Local Land Services.  For further information please visit  hhtp:// 

New draft Local Land Services boundaries have been released 19.12.2012


Following community consultation on regional boundaries the Stakeholder Reference Panel, headed by NSW Natural Resources Commissioner, Dr John Keniry AM has released the final draft map.


Continue to Have Your Say



Further consultation on the boundaries, as well as other key features of Local Land Services including governance structures, core functions and the rating framework, will also take place in community consultation workshops planned for February and March next year. Session dates will be published on the Have Your Say site later this month.


Following these workshops, recommendations on key features of the new Local Land Services will be made to the Minister for Primary Industries.


The NSW Government would also welcome feedback on the establishment of Local Land Services. For further information please visit


Media Release 19.12.2012


Local Land Services will deliver government funded agriculture and natural resource management services, advice and information in NSW.



Local Land Services New Draft Boundaries




Your feedback will help develop the new regional agency Local Land Services into a customer-focused, relevant and effective organisation.


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