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Regional Vegetation Communities in the Namoi Catchment

Banner Image - RVC of the Namoi Catchment [banner image rvc of the namoi catchment.jpg]

001 Giant Stinging Tree

002 Rusty Fig

004 Wilga

005 Ooline forests

006 Semi-evergreen vine

009 Messmate

011 Silvertop Stringybark

012 Snow Gum

013 Gum grassy open forests

014 New England Peppermint grassy woodlands

015 Bendemeer White Gum grassy woodland

016 Box - gum grassy woodlands, New England Tablelands

017 Box - gum grassy woodlands, Brigalow Belt South

018 White Box grassy woodland

019 White Cypress Pine

020 Rough-barked Apple

021 Inland Grey Box

022 Poplar Box

023 Wet tussock grasslands

024 Grasslands on river banks and floodplains

025 Mitchell Grass grassland of alluvial floodplains

026 Dry grasslands of alluvial plains

027 Derived grasslands, New England Tablelands

028 Derived grasslands, Brigalow Belt South and Nandewar

029 Plains Grass

031 Broombush shrubland

032 Pilliga Box

033 Ironbark shrubby woodlands of the Pilliga area

035 Mountain Gum

036 Stringybark

038 Silvertop Stringybark

039 Silvertop Stringybark grassy open forests

040 Stringybark - Blakely's Red Gum open forests,
New England

041 White Box - stringybark shrubby woodlands

043 Mugga Ironbark open forests

044 White Box - pine - Silver-leaved Ironbark shrubby

045 Stringybark - spinifex woodland

047 Narrow-leaved Peppermint

049 Black Cypress Pine

050 Stringybark - Blakely's Red Gum

051 New England Blackbutt

056 Ironbark

058 Shrubby woodlands or mallee woodlands on stoney soils

059 Narrow-leaved Ironbark

060 White Cypress Pine woodland on sandy loams

062 Shrublands of rocky areas

063 Tea-tree shrubland in drainage lines

064 Fens and wet heaths, Nandewar and New England Tablelands

065 Basalt plateau lagoons, New England Tablelands

066 Canegrass swamp of drainage depressions

067 Eurah shrubland of inland floodplains

068 Lignum - River Cooba shrublands on floodplain

070 Wetlands and marshes, inland NSW

071 River Oak riparian woodland, eastern NSW

072 Bracteate Honey Myrtle riparian shrubland, Brigalow Belt

073 River Red Gum riverine woodlands and forests

074 Yellow Box woodland on alluvial plains

075 Weeping Myall open woodland

076 Coolibah - Poplar Box - Belah woodlands on floodplains

077 Black Box woodland on floodplains

078 Coolibah - River Cooba

079 Brigalow - Belah woodland on alluvial clay soil

080 Poplar Box grassy woodland on alluvial clay soils

081 Leopardwood woodland of alluvial plains, Darling Riverin

082 Poplar Box low woodlands, western NSW

084 Whitewood open woodland

085 Carbeen woodland on alluvial soils

086 Dirty Gum tall woodland on sand monkeys

087 Silver-leaved Ironbark - White Cypress Pine on alluvial

088 Saltbush chenopod shrublands

089 Copperburr chenopod shrubland

090 Ephemeral forblands on playas and scalds

094 Old Man Saltbush shrublands, mainly Murray-Darling Depre

095 Tall rushlands, reedlands or sedgelands of inland river

096 Blakely's Red Gum riparian woodland of the Pilliga

097 Derived grasslands, Darling Riverine Plains

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