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Managing Our Water

Managing Our Water


Namoi CMA is responsible for assisting landholders in the management and conservation of the environment surrounding rivers and streams throughout the catchment. Responsibility for the delivery of water and management of dams rests with State Water and responsibility for access licences and water quality in rivers and streams rests with the Department of Natural Resources.

Namoi CMA provides technical advice and assistance as well incentive funding to help landholders maintain and improve the riparian areas.

Urban Water Use Efficiency Program

The Namoi CMA received a grant from the Australian Government under the National Action Plan for Salinity and Water Quality (NAP) to enable the Namoi CMA to undertake a project to motivate and assist rural urban communities to improve water use efficiency and thus contribute to improved water quality within the Namoi catchment. The Namoi CMA with the Namoi Local Government Group have developed an interim water use efficiency strategy. This strategy involves raising community awareness, water loss management, water conservation management, effluent reuse, stormwater harvesting and introducing measures to help local communities reduce residential outdoor water use, and a possible residential refit program.

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