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Investment Planning


The Namoi CMA will invest public money according to the following investment principles:

  • External funds will be invested according to agreed Australian and State Government Program Guidelines;
  • NRM decision making will consider the “triple bottom line” ie. environmental, social and cultural, and economic aspects;
  • Decisions are transparent and based on the best available information;
  • Cost sharing arrangements for government investment are in keeping with public v private benefits;
  • Innovation, flexibility and creativity are encouraged;
  • Investment is in priority areas according to best available data and scientific principles;
  • Investment is to protect environmental, social and economic assets of high value;
  • Investment is in areas where progress towards achieving targets is most achievable;
  • Investment is for multiple outcomes ie. in areas utilising activities that address more than one issue or target;
  • Investment is to “buy outcomes” rather than “prescribe inputs”;
  • Investment is in large landscape projects to achieve catchment-wide targets and landscape level change;
  • Investment is preferentially with entities that have the capacity to undertake priority works, including adequate skills, ability to contribute financially and capacity to make a substantial contribution to landscape change;
    Partnerships are built with other key players in natural resource management for investment in, and delivery of, programs; and
  • Existing successful programs are built on, particularly in areas where community groups or other stakeholders are able to manage their own projects.

 Click here to view the current 2011-2012 Incentive Program.

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