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Water Planning

Namoi Groundwater Plans

Australian Structural Groundwater Entitlement package recommendations to Minister

Macro Water Sharing Plans

Macro Water Sharing Plans (Macro WSPs) are catchment-wide plans which set out the rules for sharing water between the environment and water-users. Macro Water Sharing Plans are being developed for unregulated rivers and groundwater.

Macro Water Sharing Plans will provide irrigators with clarity and certainty about water access rights, so as they can plan ahead. Water access licences will be held separate from the land and have an independent title with perpetual tenure and allow for enhanced trading opportunities for water users. This is an international first that will benefit irrigators.

The NSW Water Reforms are leading the way in implementation of national initiatives by taking a leading role in developing smarter, innovative ways of managing our water to continue to deliver far reaching benefits for the economy, the environment and regional communities.

Namoi CMA’s Role in Macro Water Sharing Plans

The Namoi Catchment Management Authority (CMA) held meetings with landholders to discuss the draft Macro Water Sharing Plans for the remaining unregulated river systems in the Namoi Catchment.

Meetings were held at local venues across the Namoi Valley in the week beginning 9 May.

Water licence holders were invited to attend these meetings and comment on the Report Card for each of the water sources across the catchment.

The Report Cards were prepared by a Panel made up of representatives from the Department of Natural Resources, Department of Primary Industries and the Department of Environment and Conservation.

The Report Cards detailed the access and trading rules that were proposed in the Water Sharing Plan, and an explanation of the reasons for the decisions made by the Panel.

These meetings were well attended and provided an opportunity for licence holders to respond to the proposed access and trading rules.

The meetings were organised and facilitated by Namoi CMA. An officer from the Department of Natural Resources who worked on the development of the Water Sharing Plans was in attendance to answer technical questions on the Report Cards and the draft Plan.

The second and final phase of the process for developing the Water Sharing Plans will be a formal exhibition of the Draft Plan by the Minister for Natural Resources in the latter half of 2006. This will provide another opportunity for public comment prior to the Plans being gazetted by the end of 2006.

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