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Local Government

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Namoi CMA is committed to engaging with the seven local governments present within the Namoi catchment. To make this possible, Namoi CMA established the Namoi Local Government Group (NLGG) consisting of the Mayors and General Managers of local councils within the catchment. The NLGG’s focus is to facilitate effective management of natural resources using a collaborative approach between local government and Namoi CMA.

Namoi CMA is also working with local government by providing input into local and regional strategies and the review of Local Environment Plans to facilitate the achievement of the Namoi CMA Catchment Action Plan targets. Namoi CMA will also work with local government to produce a catchment-wide State of the Environment Report.

Industry Water Audits Program

This project involved participating councils on the NLGG nominating their top five water users. These water users were then invited to participate in a fully funded water use audit carried out by Waterwise NSW. There have been significant water savings achieved as a result of this program.

For more information on the results of the indivdual water savings click on the links below.

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West Tamworth Leagues Club


Click here for a copy of the terms of reference for the NLGG

Click here for Namoi Councils - Chairpersons Presentation 2012

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