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Consultation & Engagement

Namoi CMA has a commitment to broad community consultation and engagement with communities across the Namoi Catchment.

The Namoi CMA Board established an Engagement Subcommittee which oversees the roll out of the Engagement Strategy.

Major consultation and engagement activities that have been undertaken include: Groundwater Structural Adjustment reforms, the development of a draft Macro Water Sharing Plan, and the preparation of the 10 year strategic Catchment Action Plan.

Where stakeholders have been identified as highly significant and requiring on-going collaboration, Reference Groups have been established. The Namoi Local Government Group (NLGG) is made up of representatives of the seven Local Councils and Namoi CMA. Namoi CMA is also a member of the Namoi Regional Organisation of Councils.

The Namoi Aboriginal Advisory Committee (NAAC), made up of representatives from the nine geographic areas defined by the Aboriginal Lands Council boundaries, provides advice to Namoi CMA on Indigenous issues.

Other Reference Groups will be established on a needs basis.

Engagement Strategy
Engagement Strategy
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