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Social and Economic Considerations

The Namoi CMA extends the scope of its interests beyond environmental issues, to achieving viable and productive communities. It includes the consideration of impacts of natural resource management on the social, cultural and economic well-being of the community. It accounts for these issues by consultation, collaboration to design programs that direct investment to the needs of people throughout the catchment

The Namoi CMA is committed to NRM decision making that will consider the “triple bottom line” so as to achieve Integrated Catchment Management, sustainable industries, good NRM outcomes and a viable economy where all sectors of the community can achieve their aspirations.

This will be achieved by the following management actions:

  • delivering programs that support the productive, profitable and sustainable use of natural resources, including new and emerging resource uses;
  • understanding the social and economic environment in the Namoi Catchment;
  • including socio-economic parameters in program and project design, assessment, implementation and evaluation; and
  • mitigating negative socio-economic impacts of CAP programs and activities.
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