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Namoi Groundwater Resources

Ground water in the Namoi catchment supports an irrigation industry worth in excess of $380m as well as being the water supply for many towns and intensive industries such as feedlots. There are a total of 700 licence holders in the Namoi.

The groundwater sources include all water contained in the unconsolidated alluvial sediment aquifers associated with the Namoi River and its tributaries. The upper catchment has 13 discrete zones with the lower catchment treated as 1 separate zone. The water sharing plan for the Upper and Lower Namoi Groundwater Sources covers 12 of the upper zones and the lower Zone. The Peel Valley groundwater source will have its own water sharing plan. Deep bores in the lower Namoi access the Great Artesian Basin water source.

Areas away from the Namoi River system access water from a fractured rock aquifer system and is currently not part of the Achieving Sustainable Groundwater Entitlements Program. The Namoi CMA role in this program has been to coordinate consultations with groundwater licence holders. The outcomes of these meetings have been submitted to the Minister for Natural Resources. These recommendations can be accessed on the Namoi CMA site.

For further information on the Water Sharing Plan for the Upper and Lower Namoi Groundwater Sources refer to the Department of Natural Resources website

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