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Rivers and Streams

Australian rivers and streams are important natural areas in a dry landscape. The development of catchments and the introduction of modern agriculture has caused impacts to our rivers and streams.

Erosion and sedimentation, loss of native trees, shrubs and grasses and the invasion of weeds have all impacted on the health of streams and rivers in the Namoi Catchment.

Land immediately next to rivers and streams is called riparian land.

Managing the vegetation on riparian land is the most simple and effective means of improving the stream’s health. Riparian vegetation should consist of healthy robust native vegetation. This vegetation plays the key role in maintaining a stream’s stability and ecological health. Farming and grazing can impact on the health of riparian vegetation. For advice on how to manage these impacts talk to your local Namoi CMA officer. For further information on riparian management see

A study on the Namoi’s rivers and streams found that 20% of the assessed streamlines were in good condition, 50% in moderate condition and 30% in poor condition. This report, called the Namoi River Styles Report (pgs 1-50, pgs 51-100, pgs 101-170) is on the Namoi CMA website under publications/reports.

Funding Opportunities

Namoi CMA has funding available to assist in the restoration and preservation of rivers and streams.

Incentive funding to improve riparian management is available for a range of works such as the provision of fencing and alternative watering systems for livestock.

Landholders have found that this has enabled them to improve their grazing management, protect areas threatened by erosion and improve water quality through off stream watering systems.

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