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Riverine Vegetation in the Namoi Catchment

Banner Image - Riverine Vegetation in the Namoi Catchment [banner image riverine vegetation in the namoi catchment 1.jpg]

This study was commissioned by Namoi CMA and the Cotton Catchment Community CRC to develop and apply a framework for evaluating and mapping the condition of native riverine vegetation (riparian and floodplain) in the Namoi Catchment.

A framework was developed that measured condition using:
i. a combination of landscape metrics derived from remotely sensed data, and
ii. a plot-based sampling program designed to capture ecological data and score them against established benchmarks.

The findings of this report will be used to identify and prioritise areas for protection and restoration.

Please note the report is over 9mb and may take up to 5 mins to download.

Riverine Vegetation in the Namoi Catchment
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