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Partnering With Namoi CMA

How We Can Help You

Namoi CMA has developed a Catchment Action Plan to help natural resource managers to develop sustainable land management practices. The Catchment Action Plan provides the basis for delivering incentive funding provided through the Australian and State Governments Natural Resource Management Programs, as well as other funding available to  the catchment community through partnerships or alternative funding opportunities.

Namoi CMA employs a range of specialists who are able to provide advice to landholders, government agencies and local government who are striving for sustainability. Please contact Namoi CMA for all your enquiries about natural resource management.


A key feature of the Namoi Catchment Action Plan is working with industry, Landcare and environmental groups, research organisations, local government and the Indigenous community, as well as individuals. Namoi CMA is seeking to establish collaborative investment partnerships that will assist the us to deliver our proposed activities, increase the effectiveness of investment funding programs and achieve positive natural resource outcomes.

Partnerships with individuals

There are some very large agricultural and natural resource management holdings in the Namoi Catchment. It is quite possible that such individuals might like to have their property used as a demonstration site or undertake works that publicise their actions combined with those of Namoi CMA.

Partnerships with government

One of the catchment targets identified in the Catchment Action Plan is to develop strong links with local government bodies located within the Namoi Catchment. This has led to the formation of the Namoi Local Government Group (NLGG) to focus on natural resource management issues where the potential to achieve successful outcomes is enhanced by a collaborative approach. Such an issue is the production of a catchment-wide State of the Environment Report.

Namoi CMA is also committed to a whole of government approach to managing natural resources. Namoi CMA will maintain strong links with relevant State Government agencies where opportunities exist to achieve the management targets contained in the Namoi Catchment Action Plan.

Namoi Local Government Group Terms of Reference and Operational Procedures

Urban Water Use Efficiency Program

Namoi CMA received a grant from the Australian Government under the National Action Plan for Salinity and Water Quality (NAP) to enable the Namoi CMA to undertake a project to motivate and assist rural urban communities to improve water use efficiency and thus contribute to improved water quality within the Namoi Catchment. Namoi CMA in conjunction with the Namoi Local Government Group (NLGG) have developed an interim water use efficiency strategy. This strategy involves raising community awareness, water loss management, water conservation management, effluent reuse, stormwater harvesting and introducing measures to help local communities reduce residential outdoor water use, and a possible residential refit program.  

Partnerships with the Indigenous community

Namoi Aboriginal Advisory Committee Terms of Reference

Partnerships with industry

Many industries are involved in natural resource management. Sometimes individual producers or manufactures also contribute membership funds towards an industry organisation. For example, the Cotton Research and Development Corporation at Narrabri is an organisation with which the Namoi CMA has a partnership.

Partnerships with environment groups 

Environment groups may have members who are keen to be involved in collecting data that is essential for monitoring and evaluation of Namoi CMA activities. For example bird watching groups could help in monitoring the benefits of fencing off remnant vegetation or riverine corridors.

How you can become a partner

Please contact the Namoi CMA to discuss the type of partnership arrangement that may suit you or your industry type. The CMA seeks to work with all groups that impact on catchment health to advance sustainable natural resource management.

Partnership Policy 

Namoi Engagement Strategy

Research Highlights: Namoi CMA Stakeholder & Community Benchmarking Study

Click here for a copy of the 2007 study

Click here for a copy of the 2010 study

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