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Property Vegetation Plans

What are PVP's

A Property Vegetation Plan (PVP) is a voluntary but legally binding agreement between a landholder and the local Catchment Management Authority (CMA). A PVP may be required when applying for native vegetation incentive funding.


  • can be used to confirm whether any native vegetation meets the definition of regrowth so that a landholder can be confident they will not need future clearing approval;
  • can be used to change the regrowth date of native vegetation to an earlier date provided that proof is provided of two previous clearing events associated with rotational farming;
  • can be used to confirm whether existing rotational farming, grazing or cultivation practices meet the definitions of these in the Native Vegetation Act 2003 (NV Act) so that future clearing approvals will not be required;
  • or is required when seeking to utilise offsets associated with clearing, when approval under the NV Act is required.

How will they help me?

  • PVPs give farmers security to plan and invest

  • PVPs for clearing provide certainty against any future changes to environmental planning instruments for a period of up to 15 years
  • PVPs avoid the need for separate approvals under the threatened species legislation
  • Continuing use PVPs provide landholders with certainty that existing land uses can continue
  • PVPs allow the clarification of the status of regrowth on a property.

Clearing that requires approval

Clearing remnant native vegetation or protected regrowth requires approval under the Native Vegetation Act 2003 (NV Act) unless the clearing is a permitted activity. Explanations of clearing, remnant vegetation, regrowth and protected regrowth are in Info Sheet 4 while details of all permitted activities are in Info Sheets 6 and 7.

Under the Native Vegetation Act your local Catchment Management Authority (CMA) can only approve the clearing of remnant vegetation or protected regrowth when the clearing will improve or maintain environmental outcomes (see below).

How do I seek approval?

Where clearing does require approval, landholders may apply to their local CMA either to prepare a PVP or make an application for Development Consent. Your CMA can give you advice on the best option for your particular proposal.

How to get a PVP

Contact the Namoi CMA if you would like a PVP prepared for incentive funding or if you have a clearing proposal. An officer will contact you and arrange an on–site visit to discuss your proposal. The officer will work with you free of charge to help prepare a PVP.

The nature of the available site information will determine whether or not an on–site inspection is necessary for a PVP that certifies continuing use.

For more information visit the NSW Government Native Vegetation Management website


Property Vegetation Plan Application Form

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