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2013 Photographic Competition Winners

Banner Image - Photographic Competition 2012 [banner image photographic competition 2012.jpg]

"Looking after the Namoi Catchment is good for you"

2013 Photographic Competition Winners


Secondary Section
Winner - Secondary - Jack Hawkins [winner secondary jack hawkins 1.jpg]

Winner - Jack Hawkins, WeeWaa


Professional Section

Winner - professional - Margot Palmer [winner professional margot palmer.jpg]

Winner - Margot Palmer, WeeWaa


Open Black and White Section

Winner - Open B and W - Laura Riley (21) [winner open b and w laura riley 21 .jpg]

Winner - Laura Riley, Gunnedah


Open Colour Section

Winner - Open Colour - Jodie Parkes (5) [winner open colour jodie parkes 5 .jpg]

Winner - Jodie Parkes, Boggabri

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