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Warrah Sub-catchment


The Warrah Creek sub-catchment lies approximately 25km south of the town of Quirindi and covers an area exceeding 1533km2. Elevations in this sub-catchment range from 300 to 1250m ASL. Mount Helen is a significant landscape feature in this catchment. A number of small towns and villages are found within the sub-catchment including Willow Tree, Ardglen and Warrah

The sub-catchment is drained by Warrah, Borambil and Chilcotts Creeks. All these creeks have their headwaters in the Liverpool Range. These creeks eventually drain into the Mooki River near Pine Ridge

The sub-catchment covers a range of landscapes - from rich black soil floodplains to fertile hill slopes and rugged vegetated ranges. Only a small fraction of the sub-catchment is protected by State Forest or National Parks.

The rich floodplains and alluvial slopes within this sub-catchment are used for dryland cropping, producing wheat, barley, corn, sorghum and sunflowers. Higher in the sub-catchment, the slopes and ranges are used for beef cattle production, with areas of remnant vegetation on the top of the ranges being identified and protected for biodiversity conservation.

The issues within the sub-catchment include soil erosion, biodiversity conservation, water quality and salinity management.


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