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Land Management Units

This was a project commissioned by Namoi CMA with a consultancy to undertake Soil and Land Capability mapping of the Namoi Catchment. As part of this project, Land Management Units and Derivative maps for soil erosion (wind, water and rill) have been created. Click on the maps below to access this data. Please note the map files are over 2Kb and may take a minute or two to load.







BMP Guides for 22 Land Management Units in the Namoi Catchment have been prepared. These Guides detail the assets, challenges and BMP options for land managers to assist them in making decisions about how they manage their land to its full potential.

A.   Steep Sedimentary Hillssedimentary-hillslopes [sedimentary hillslopes.png]

B.   Sedimentary Hillslopes

C.   Sedimentary Footslopes

C1. Sandy Pilliga Footslopes

D.   Riparian Corridor

D1. Upland Bogs and Swamps

E.   Central Black Earth Floodplains

E1.  Recent Western Floodplains

E2.  High Western Floodplains

E3.  Dry Western Floodplains

F.    Central Mixed Soil Floodplains

F1.  Western Hardsetting Floodplains

F2.  Flat Pilliga Outwash

G.   Black Earth Footslopes

H.   Basaltic Slopes and Hills

H1.  High Fertility Basalt Uplands

I.   Steep Basaltic hills

J.   Tablelands Granites

K.  Tablelands Sedimentary Hills

L.   Peel Floodplain

M.  Duri Hills

O.  Disturbed Land

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